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Subscription FAQ

What is Sock of The Month Club?

Sign up and get an amazing pair of unique HKYSOX delivered to your mailbox once per
month. You can get it for yourself or gift it to someone else.
Once we subscription to one of your package you will get, SHIPPING FOR FREE (in
North America). on the monthly subscription


How does it work?

Step 1

Select how long you would like your membership to be.
Join the club for 6-months or 12-months by selecting your option in the 'Club
Membership Length' drop down


Step 2

Select your shoe size.


Step 3

Fill out the recipient’s address.
If it's a gift for someone else, make sure to put their address in the form. Otherwise, if
it's for yourself, just put in your information (this can be different than the billing
address which you will enter during payment).


Step 4

Add to Cart and start receiving socks the first week of every month!


How does payment work?

You pay for the membership once when you place the order and that's it. You don't
have to worry about recurring fees and we DO NOT keep your credit card information,
much more secure that way. Once the subscription expires you can renew by placing
another order


Is it easy to gift the subscription to someone other
than myself?

It's super easy! Fill out the recipient's address in the form, that's it. We will select a
random funky pair of socks from our collection and ship it to them the first day of every
month. You don't have to do anything else! We will also include a " Welcome to the
Club" card with the first message. You can even add a custom message by filling out
the " Add Message to recipient" text field.


Can I choose what designs you send?

Yes, you can! If you really like some specific designs you see on our website, just
mention it in the "Additional Instructions" text field.


Can I choose what date you send the first pair of socks

Yes. If this is a gift for someone else and you would like to send it out for a specific
date or have it arrive by a specific date, just mention it in the " Additional Instructions"
text field. We try to accommodate all request, but please note that sometimes we
cannot perform miracles (like guaranteeing next day delivery). And if you' re an early
planner and would like to purchase a membership for someone months in advance
(birthdays? Christmas gift? Fathers day?), that's fine with us. Just make sure to
mention when you would like the first pair sent out.


What about sizes?

Sock of the Month Club is available for men and women. Just make sure to select the
appropriate size in the "Style" drop-down.


How do I renew for another 6 or 12-months?

Just sign up for Sock of the Month Club again. That's it! We make sure not to send the
recipient duplicate socks based on their name and address. If their address (or name?)
has changed, just mention it in the " Additional Instructions" text field.


How do I update my address?

Easy. Please fill out Update Subscription Address.


I have more questions...

Please head over to Contact Us page.


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