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About us

Established in 2017. Located in Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

HKYSOX was the idea of my 10-year-old son. He has been skating since the age of 3 and been playing hockey from the age of 4. He has struggled with the comfort of his socks when they go into his skates. He asked me to help him find socks that were comfortable in his skates. After years of searching we gave up on this journey. Then this year we decided to do something about it, and went out to source our socks. We were fortunate enough to find our manufacturer partner Drixtex who has enabled us to produce the best quality Canadian made skate socks. As we were designing our own hockey socks we decided to take them a step further and add motivational quotes to the socks as we wanted to inspire young athletes.  We then decided to launch a website that is fun and easy to use, and where you can build your own cart from a great assortment of socks that we have. You can also join our Sock of the Month Club where you can get a new design mailed to you monthly. We guarantee that each and every month we will deliver a newly designed pair of quality socks that will surprise our members and make them smile.

Our mission is to provide you with the greatest socks for hockey whether you want protective or just the most comfortable socks for you when you put your feet into your skates.

For us, hockey socks started as an opportunity that we were trying to solve for our son but when we realized how many people shared the same challenge with the current options out in the market to break the status quo, it became our mission to provide the best solution of socks for your needs when playing hockey.

Beyond providing amazing socks, we hope to:

  • Share in the expressive creativity inherent with socks and never wear boring socks again
  • Engage with our customers and provide a tailored shopping experience
  • Never sacrifice quality for profit or margin
  • Have fun selling socks





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