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How to Wear the Right Sock

How to Wear the Right Sock for the Occasion


For many people, white athletic socks are the only type of footwear necessary regardless of the type of outfit they are being worn with. However, if you are one of these people who prefer functionality to form, you should be aware that you may be doing a disservice to your overall look. Just as with any other small detail of your clothing, the right socks can strengthen your visual presentation, while the wrong one can make it look like something is off. Use this guide to help you choose the right type of sock for every outfit, and the right colour to wear to tie your look together.


Types of Socks


Socks come in varying lengths, ranging from those that just cover the foot and end below the ankle and those that extend up the leg all the way to the knee. While many people have a preference for a certain length and style of sock, there are situations in which certain sock lengths are preferable.


When wearing casual shoes such as loafers or ballet flats with shorts or a skirt, opt for short socks that are entirely or almost entirely covered by the shoe. These short socks protect your feet while maintaining the illusion that you are wearing your breezy, casual shoes with entirely bare legs. Trousers and pantsuits, on the other hand, call for longer socks. Make sure that any socks you are wearing with business trousers completely cover your ankle and lower calf so no skin can be seen between the top of your shoe and bottom of your trouser leg.


Seasonal Socks


Longing to keep your feet toasty in winter? When the weather turns cold and wet, pass on cotton socks and opt for wool instead. Wool socks keep your feet warm and help whisk away moisture so your toes dry quickly even if you track through rain or snow. Lightweight wool socks are also great during the summer. They are ideal for keeping your feet dryer and cozier when you are hiking or participating in outdoor sports.

Wearing Colored Socks


When in doubt, black socks are the way to go. However, in recent years bright statement socks have made a major comeback and even professional adults are confident enough to wear them. Coloured or patterned socks can work even in more formal settings, though you should avoid them at work if your office is very conservative or you are employed in a conservative industry such as banking.


When choosing coloured socks, pick a colour that is complementary to your trouser colour. For example, you might wear a navy blue suit with purple or sky blue socks, and a pair of tan linen trousers with red socks. Patterned or multi-coloured socks are also a possibility, though you should follow the same general rule and make sure the base colour of the sock complements the colour of your trousers.


A good pair of socks keep your feet comfortable and help tie your look together. Just because your socks are largely hidden from view, don’t think this means that any old pair you grab out of your drawer is fine.


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