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HKYSOX Cut-Resistant socks

HKYSOX cut-resistant hockey skate socks. – hkysox

If someone tells you that ringette or skate socks are not what they used to be, the truth is that they are not. They are better. HKYSOX offers advanced protection and advanced comfort for skaters in all sports. In the NHL, injuries due to improper socks have happened on numerous occasions. Outside the pro-leagues, it is the same story. One cut from an ice skate can be devastating. In fact, a cut to your Achilles tendon can ruin your entire hockey career. Not only can an injury like that lead to suffering on the ice, but also it can change your life for the worse. This is why we have cut resistant socks made from HPPE cut resistant fiber. Accidents happen, no matter your skill level and it is important to protect yourself where you can.

We offer extra protection to skaters without sacrificing comfort. The socks run from the calf to the top of the foot with several cut resistant zones. Despite being protective, they are lightweight and resistant to the growth of bacteria. While speed skating or practicing other sports, you need a sock that stretches comfortably and does not leave your skates damp with sweat. With advanced moisture protection and anti-odor fabric, you will not have to hang your skates out to dry afterwards.

Cut Resistant Socks, Hockey, Ringette, Speed Skating, HKYSOX cut-resistant hockey skate socks. – hkysox

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