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Dristex Cut-Resistant Compression Pro Hockey Socks

Dristex socks 

When it comes to injuries gained while speed skating, one of the most common accidents is due to someone’s skates cutting into another player. Dristex Cut resistant socks help protect the ankles and legs from major injury from the blade. After all, one cut can end a career. We make Dristex socks with an HPPE cut resistant material that can withstand most cuts with ice skates. Not only are they protective gear but they also tend to serve as an enhancer to a player’s performance. 


As a hockey or ringette player, you may already know the importance of compression socks. Compression socks improve blood circulation and this helps increase the energy you can invest into your game. These are lightweight socks with a band at the top to guarantee that the fit is snug. In addition to protecting your feet from cuts, moisture and blisters, they can help reduce lace-bite. If you are worried about the extra bulk in your skates, you should not be. Our socks are light and leave plenty of room in the skate. They have a nonabrasive seam, graduated compression and a seamless toe for comfort. These are top of the line socks that can both protect you and enhance your performance. If you play ice sports, we have you covered.

 HKYSOX cut-resistant hockey skate socks. – hkysox

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