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Top 4 Reasons to Choose HKYSOX

Posted on August 23 2017

Top 4 Reasons to Choose HKYSOX


HKYSOX prides itself in offering high-quality socks that are meant to be worn by kids who want to play some hockey. It is an intense sport, and as such, kids need to protect every part of their bodies. The feet often do not get the attention they deserve, but a good pair of socks can help tremendously. Before heading out onto the ice again, you need to get resilient pairs of socks from HKYSOX.


  1. Comfort


HKYSOX socks offer an unparalleled level of comfort. For starters, they offer an excellent level of breathability, so your feet can stand up tough to demanding situations. Additionally, the socks are designed to stay in place. With other types of socks, you have to worry about the material riding down on your foot and getting itchy. That is not the case with these socks. They will also be able to resist holes, so you may not have to replace your socks for a while.


  1. Great Quality


With high-quality dyes and fabrics, HKYSOX look great while you are playing on the ice. Additionally, all the products are proudly made in the Canada. All this quality also means that the colors are not going to fade for a while. You can use them while playing hockey and put them in the washing machine and remain confident they are not going to take on damage.


  1. Sock of the month


HKYSOX has a simple process of placing your order. If you want the socks to come with motivational messages for your kids to have on them, then HKYSOX has you covered. Signup for our monthly subscription option and our socks are given highly personalized attention, and you can be confident you will receive them in a timely manner each month.


  1. Resilience


A lot of socks end up getting holes in them after a few weeks. Many people end up having to buy new socks on a fairly regular basis. However, if you are going to be engaged in a competitive sport like hockey, then you need something with more durability. Part of this comes to the fact that HKYSOX adds reinforcements within the socks to allow them to maintain their integrity for longer.


Many parents and coaches focus on the skates and jerseys when it comes to junior hockey leagues. However, a good pair of socks is a great asset, too. Make sure your children have everything they need by ordering socks from HKYSOX.


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