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What Is Lace Bite and How Can You Prevent It?

Posted on December 27 2017

What Is Lace Bite and How Can You Prevent It?


From professional hockey players to casual skaters, practically everyone who’s put on a pair of skates has experienced the discomfort of lace bite (also referred to as skate bite and tongue bite). No matter what term you choose to use, this painful and common problem is one of the worst things that can happen to athletes on the ice. Fortunately, you can wear specialized socks to reduce or eliminate the irritation of biting laces so you can get back in the game without pain.


Common Causes of Lace Bite


You’re skating at full speed down the ice after a hockey puck when you’re suddenly aware of a sharp, persistent pain biting down the front of your ankle. The pain is so intense it causes you to lose your focus, momentum, and finally… the hockey puck you’ve been chasing. Many athletes find themselves in this frustrating scenario, and the culprit is almost always lace bite.


Skate bite happens when the laces of your skates bite into the front of the ankle. This causes excessive pressure on the front part of the ankle and can put significant stress on the tendons beneath the skin. The repeated pressure in this area can cause permanent tendon damage if steps are not taken to prevent it.


Tongue bite often occurs when an athlete wears new skates without breaking them in first. It is also common with older skates that have inflexible tongues. Lastly, lace bite can happen when skates are laced too tight.


Symptoms of Skate Bite


If you’ve had skate bite once, you can easily recognize it when it happens again. This is because the symptoms are consistent and don’t vary much from one person to the next. They include:


  • Pain running down the front of the lower leg to the toes
  • Swelling and redness on the front of the ankle
  • Sensation of pressure on the front of the lower leg, ankle and top of the foot
  • Painful lump beneath the skin on the front of the ankle (that sometimes feels like a bruise)


Before you send your skates back and demand a refund, try letting the area heal, then wearing specialized compression socks from HKYSOX the next time you skate.


What Are Cut-Resistant Socks


Our cut-resistant socks are designed to reduce pain and pressure from hockey skates. They offer protection in all the right areas (around the Achilles tendon, along the top of the foot and around the calf). Many of our customers have expressed relief when our socks reduce tongue bite or eliminate it completely. It’s easier to stay focused on the game when lace bite is no longer a persistent issue.


In addition to providing cut-resistant protection to the areas most affected by skate bite, our compression socks are also made with specialized fabric. This fabric reduces odour, offers advanced moisture evaporation benefits and maximizes comfort.


Put Lace Bite Behind You


Why live with the pain of tongue bite when you can skate in comfort? By wearing a pair of our cut-resistant compression socks each time you’re on the ice, you can reduce or eliminate the pain caused by biting laces. Browse through our hockey socks


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