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Top 5 Benefits of Cut-Resistant Compression Socks

Posted on December 27 2017


Top 5 Benefits of Cut-Resistant Compression Socks


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual jogger, wearing the right type of socks could improve blood flow and help you feel more comfortable during a game or workout. Gradual compression socks like those offered by HKYSOX offer the greatest level of compression at the ankles, where it’s needed most. Compression gradually decreases toward the top of the sock, where it’s not needed as much. Here are the top five benefits cut-resistant socks can offer to athletes and other active individuals.


  1. Decreased Lace Bite


All athletes can benefit from cut-resistant socks, but they are especially helpful for hockey players who are more susceptible to lace bite than other athletes. The socks are designed to provide extra protection and support in the areas that are most affected by biting laces; the top of the foot, around the Achilles and along the calf. Many athletes report that cut-resistant socks help to reduce (or even eliminate) the pain they feel from lace bite.


  1. Greater Comfort


Blood in your veins has an uphill battle to fight (quite literally) when travelling back to the heart. If the flow of blood slows down on its upward track to the heart, it can pool in the lower legs and feet. This can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including achiness and swelling. Compression socks help to reduce these symptoms and improve comfort by squeezing the veins and improving blood flow.


  1. Improved Leg Energy


When blood doesn’t flow optimally through the legs, it can cause them to feel fatigued and heavy. This is the last thing an athlete wants. Fortunately, graduated compression socks can reduce or eliminate feelings of fatigue in the legs by facilitating normal blood flow (especially during sports and other cardiovascular activities). As blood flow increases to the legs, energy typically increases as well.


  1. Moisture Wicking and Evaporation


Have you ever noticed how sweaty your feet get when you’re playing sports or working out? Regular socks absorb the moisture but don’t allow it to evaporate. As a result, your feet can develop blisters and sores more quickly when they rub against sweat-saturated socks for extended periods of time. Gradual compression socks from HKYSOX are designed with special fabric that wicks away moisture and helps it evaporate more quickly so your feet stay dry even when you’re sweating profusely.


  1. Decreased Odour


No one likes to talk about it, but it’s a fact of life; when you exert your body and secrete a lot of sweat, you start to stink. Don’t believe it? Try visiting a busy locker room right after a game and take a deep breath. Feet are especially susceptible to odours from athletic exertion and can become overwhelmingly pungent.


Whether you already have smelly feet or you want to prevent them from becoming that way, the type of socks you wear can make a huge difference. Regular socks that soak up moisture without allowing it to evaporate can make the problem much worse. On the other hand, socks made with anti-odour fabric reduce foul smells so you can remove your shoes, cleats or skates without embarrassment.


Find Your Ideal Pair


When it comes to athletic comfort and performance, many people underestimate the importance of socks. While it’s essential for athletes to own a good pair of shoes, skates or cleats, it’s equally important to wear quality socks. After all, socks have direct contact with the feet and should be chosen based on their ability to improve comfort, enhance leg energy, and wick away moisture and odours.


Whether you’re on a competitive hockey team or you prefer to get your exercise at the gym, a good pair of graduated compression socks is a must. Take a minute to look through the selection of high-quality cut-resistant socks offered by HKYSOX and find your perfect pair. 


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