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Posted on November 13 2017

When my Little One plays hockey, I always make sure that she gets good quality equipment. One piece of equipment that I make sure she has is something that I notice that not every player wears…..cut-resistant socks. To me, cut-resistant socks are an important piece of equipment because of the room for a blade to get in between the skate and the shin pads at the bottom or behind the leg where there is minimal shin pad covering.

We have tested a number of cut-resistant socks over the years now…..

One brand was too itchy and was really hard to get on. We struggled every time.
One brand lost its elasticity quite quickly and the socks kept falling down.
One brand the seams drove my Little One insane.

We had been on an adventure to find the perfect cut-resistant hockey sock and had almost given up on finding the perfect pair until we came across HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks.

HKYSOX Cut Resistant hockey skate socks are designed specifically for hockey players that demand the best. The socks provide cut-resistant protection and the confidence to compete hard knowing they have that extra level of protection. The design also offers extended cut-resistant protection just where hockey players need it, along the calf to the top of the foot and around the achilles. HKYSOX socks also have advanced moisture evaporation for maximized comfort and an anti-odour fabric that help reduce odour.

HPPE Cut Resistant Fiber
Bamboo Foot
Non Abrasive Seam
Manufactured with Seamless toe for maximum comfort
Junior, youth, and adult
Lightweight and breathable
Prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria
Wicks moisture and accelerates evaporation
Cut-Resistant Zones protect the Achilles and tibial tendons of the leg

Machine wash in cold water
Wash dark colors separately
Tumble dry at low temperature
Do not bleach
Made in Canada
By Dristex


Products that provide “cut resistance” and /or “cut protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for cuts and punctures.

In our opinion, HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks are the best cut-resistant socks that we have found on the market and we have put a ton to the test. I also love that the HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks are affordable as compared to other brands that we have tested out. Some cut-resistant socks have run us upwards of fifty dollars and we were not happy with them. At the time of this post, HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks can be purchased at $20 a pair.

Here is what my Little One and I love about HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks:

*No Seams
*Easy to get on and off
*Don’t get stinky
*Easy to wash and dry
*Elastic does not give out after extended use so they stay put.
*Fit true to size so easy to order the right size.
*Made in Canada

Now that we have found an amazing and perfected pair of cut-resistant hockey socks, I am going to order a pair for every hockey player in our house. I actually am going to order another pair for my Little One so she has a second pair on tournament days where she has multiple games in a day.

If you are ordering multiple pairs of HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks, HKYSOX has you covered with a multiple pair savings package in either 2, 3, or 6 pair packages.

If you have a hockey player in your house, then I highly recommend that you check out HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Socks. You can also take a look at their Dristex Cut-Resistant Compression Pro Hockey Socks if you need a cut-resistant sock with compression. HKYSOX also has awesome Motivational Socks, but more on that in another review. 

To find out more about HKYSOX and their entire lineup of products, make sure to visit them here…


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