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HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Skate Socks! Keep you protected!

Posted on November 14 2017

Here’s why you should buy the hockey players you know a pair of HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Skate Socks, and why you or they will not be disappointed owning a pair.

First, what cut-resistant skate socks are.  Cut-resistant skates socks are protective socks that provide protection from accidental skate blade cut injuries to the achilles tendon and calf area. 

Secondly, who needs cut-resistant skate socks?  Any man, woman or child who plays the game of hockey is potentially at risk from being accidentally cut by a skate blade, and these cuts could be minor or potentially devastating.  With today’s skate being rigid the achilles tendon and surrounding area can be left vulnerable.  A cut from a skate blade to the achilles tendon can be very serious and can also happen at all levels of the game of hockey.  Therefore, HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Skate Socks should be considered, along with the rest of the hockey equipment you wear out on the ice, for added protection.

Thirdly, are wearing cut-resistant skate socks necessary?  An accidental skate blade cuts do happen in hockey.  In October 2017 NHL player Jeff Carter who plays for the Los Angeles Kings sustained a cut to his lower leg during a game from an opposing player’s skate blade.  Because of this injury, Jeff underwent surgery to repair the cut on his lower leg and is out indefinitely.  Jeff is not the only professional hockey player to receive an injury to their lower leg it also happened to NHL player Erik Karlsson from the Ottawa Senators.  With that in mind wearing cut-resistant skate socks should be considered a staple in any player’s hockey equipment.  Cut-resistant skate socks add that level of protection all players need to avoid skate blade injuries whether it be during a competitive hockey game, practice or a friendly game of shiny with your friends. 

Lastly, what makes HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Skate Socks stand out from all the other cut-resistant skates socks?  In our opinion, HKYSOX Cut-Resistant Skate Socks are the best compared to other brands in the market.  Don’t take our word for it, just ask all our valued customers who have given their feedback that they are the best based on comfort, breathability, price and knowing that our socks give them that added protection.


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