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5 Tips for Finding the Best Cut-Resistant Socks

Posted on December 27 2017

5 Tips for Finding the Best Cut-Resistant Socks


Hockey is a fast-paced sport that excites fans and players alike, but the high speed and constant physical contact also means a higher risk of cuts from sharp skate blades. Smart athletes can protect themselves with the right padding and gear, including cut-resistant socks made for hockey.


When the action gets going and the limbs start flying, protective hockey skate socks can mean the difference between competing another day or getting injured and sitting out the rest of the season as befell Ottowa’s Erik Karlsson several years ago or the Kings’ Jeff Carter just this year.


For athletes who want the best protective socks on the market, here are some of the factors to consider when shopping.


  1. Vital Protection


In hockey, as well as in other ice sports, the action is fierce. Players are protected by some professional gear, but over the years the pads have gotten lighter and with less coverage so that players aren’t restricted in their movements or weighed down. Because forearms, calves and Achilles’ tendons are so susceptible to making contact with sharp skates, anything a player can do to protect himself or herself is vital to competing safely.


One of the easiest ways to prevent injuries to the calves and Achilles’ tendons are with cut-resistant socks. The HKYSOX line of knee-length socks, for example, has protective fabric from the top of the foot to the knee as well as around the back. The strong, agile athletes on the ice today appreciate the extra layer to protect their vital muscles, arteries and tendons so that they can continue to support their teams.


  1. Comfort Is Key


No article of clothing should be uncomfortable for a professional or amateur skater. Socks made for hockey and other ice sports are expected to be part of players’ arsenal against injury. Take short-track speed skating, for example. The competitors are in extremely close proximity to each other, and very long skate blades are flying. Speed skaters wear aerodynamic uniforms that cling to the body. The layer that protective hockey skate socks adds must be lightweight and not infringe on athletes’ ability to move at high speeds.


HKYSOX have the added benefit of being constructed with anti-odor fabric that provides advanced moisture evaporation. This means that these cut-resistant socks are protective and comfortable at the same time because there is no moisture being held next to the skin.


  1. Serving Athletes of all Kinds


Although these may be socks made for hockey, they can be worn by athletes who compete in any ice sport that involves sharp skate blades that move in quickly during play or practice. Hockey, speed skaters and ringette players stand to benefit most from these protective hockey skate socks, and none will have to worry about bulky socks that will slow them down or be uncomfortable during the heat of the battle. Plus, HKYSOX come in a knee-length version and a slightly shorter version, so every skater can have the cut-resistant gear they need.


  1. High Quality Wares


Another factor that sets HKYSOX brand apart from the competition is that it’s is made in Canada, the birthplace of the game of hockey. Specifically, each pair is made in Quebec. Who else but Canadians would imbue each high-quality product with the love for and understanding of the sport of hockey? Once again, the high-tech qualities of anti-odor fabric and advanced moisture evaporation set the bar high for the quality of the line.


  1. Reasonably Priced


Protective gear is a must for any competitor who wants to avoid injury and enjoy a long playing career. However, each different part of the gear and uniform cannot be so cost prohibitive that an athlete will consider going without to save money. Fortunately, HKYSOX collection of cut-resistant socks made for hockey are reasonably priced at just $20 for the HKYSOX line and $30 for the Dristex version. Plus, buyers can get a discount by purchasing multiple pairs at a time. Although the anti-odor fabric is a handy benefit, it cannot replace the need for routine cleaning. That means athletes will benefit from having several pairs in their gear bag at all times.


The men and women who compete in ice sports, whether it is hockey or ringette, are strong, agile and athletic. They require regular protective gear that will keep them safe from skate-related cuts while also preserving their comfort in the rink or track.


In the world of professional sports, there usually is a medical crew ready to assist when a skate-related injury occurs, but for youth leagues and amateur sports competitions, that is not always the case. That is why it is more important than ever that every athlete be prepared with the best protective gear on the market. Checking out the lines of socks at to find the best fit is simply the best move to make. 





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