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4 Strategies for Motivating Your Child in Team Sports

Posted on August 23 2017

The more motivated your children are to play sports, the more they’ll enjoy playing in the long run and the better their team sport experience will be. At HKYSOX, we want to help you understand the importance of motivating your children and show you how it’s done. Here are four ways that you can motivate your children and help increase their confidence and enjoyment in their sport.


  1. Deliver Ample Positive Feedback


Especially when your kids are young and they’re just starting out in team sports, you should focus on the positive then delivering feedback. Avoid lecturing them or going over all the things they did wrong in a game and instead emphasize what they did right. HKYSOX wants to help parents remember that negative talk might confuse your children and make them resent a game they would otherwise love to play. Teach them that whether their team wins or loses, they can still enjoy the experience and celebrate the good parts of the game. When appropriate you can also reward your children so they feel recognized for their accomplishments.


  1. Show That You’re Interested and Invested in Their Success


If you show interest in the activities your child does, they’ll feel more excited about them. Go to all of their games, offer to help out as a volunteer, encourage them to build relationships with teammates and ask them questions about their progress. Provide ways for them to practice their sport outside of official team practices, too. You might also want to learn a little about the sport yourself, so you can practice with them occasionally and know the right questions to ask. 


  1. Avoid Micromanaging Your Child’s Sport Involvement


While it’s good to be involved in the sport your child is playing, remember that they need to feel that they’re the one responsible for their accomplishments and successes, with the help of their teammates, of course. If they feel that they’re just playing a sport to make someone else happy, they may not develop as much internal motivation. Teach them to associate their own hard work with real-life successes and they’ll grow to love the game and see that they can achieve great things if they put their mind to it.


  1. Don’t Forget That Team Sports Are Also About Having Fun


When kids feel like they’re being forced to participate in a sport or activity, this may make them want to do it less. If they associate sports with negative criticism, and an all-work-no-play mindset, they may start to dislike a sport that they once loved. If this goes too far, they may even get burned out early and not want to continue their sport at all. Of course you want your child to win and succeed, but don’t forget that team sports are fun, and that’s probably why your child wanted to play them in the first place.


If your children know why they’re playing sports and can gain self-motivation, they’ll be more likely to keep being involved in sports. Team sport experience can help them in the long run by teaching the values of teamwork and the importance of having a resilient mindset. HKYSOX has plenty of other great content on keeping young athletes healthy and happy. Browse the articles and blogs for more information. 


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