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How to Treat Your Socks with Care

Posted on August 23 2017

How to Treat Your Socks with Care


The humble sock is perhaps the most overlooked part of the wardrobe. Though they come in a range of cute colors and patterns, most people don’t give their socks much thought beyond how many holes they have in them when they roll them on in the morning. Even less attention is paid to taking proper care of socks and stocking, which is a shame because a well-kept pair will last longer and look better than a pair that is not folded or stored properly.


Ensure that your hockey socks last as long as possible and continue to look great on the field by following these simple tips.


Let Your Socks Rest


Conventional wisdom says that socks should be knotted together or balled up for storage. You may have learned the trick of folding the elastic edge of one sock over its pair to keep them together. While this is handy for finding matching socks, it is not the best way to store them. This folding method taxes the elastic in the sock, forcing it to remain stretched for longer than is necessary. Elastic needs time to rest and regain its shape, otherwise you may be left with socks that slip down and retain their shape on your leg.


Fold Your Socks With Care


Instead of carelessly folding one sock over the other, lay your socks out flat and fold them together. If the tops of your socks are folded, begin by folding them back and laying one sock on top of the other. Then, fold the socks much as you would fold any other type of clothing. Fold the two socks over together, then fold them again if necessary. Knee-high socks can be comfortably folded three times, while trouser socks should usually be folded twice. Short ankle-height socks can usually only be folded once.


Prime Your Storage Space


Once you have folded your socks correctly, make a space for them in a drawer. While socks shouldn’t become separated from their mates when folded properly, a well-organized drawer ensures that you can find precisely the pair you need when you need it. Create cubbies in your sock drawer using shoe boxes or plastic dividers. These cubbies allow you to sort socks by type and see how many pairs you have at a glance. They also provide an extra barrier so folded socks don’t slip and get lost in the shuffle.


Wash and Dry


Socks are generally more durable than delicates when it comes to washing and drying, but less sturdy than most other types of clothing. It’s safe to wash them in the washing machine, though cold water is recommended to prevent fading. However, drying socks can damage the elastic or cause them to lose their shape. Instead of tossing your socks in the dryer, simply squeeze out the excess water and hang them up to dry.


Just a little TLC can greatly extend the life of your socks. This isn’t just true of custom hockey socks. Try it with your everyday socks, stockings, tights, and nylons. This simple process of folding and storing keeps footwear neat, tidy, and easy to find.


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