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10 Over-the-Top Parents You May See at the Game

Posted on September 27 2017

If you’ve ever been to a youth sports game, chances are you’ve seen many different types of cheering parents in action. Some are intense. Some are laid back – almost too laid back. Some attempt to coach their children from the bleachers. It turns out there is a biological reason for this called “mirror processing,” in which the brain duplicates the action the eyes are seeing. So, if a kid gets frustrated after a strikeout at the plate, his or her parents may get angry, too. But knowing the scientific justification for childish behaviour doesn’t excuse it on the sidelines. Here are some of the over-the-top types of conduct you may find at any sporting event involving children and teens.


The Sideline Coach


This parent loves to instruct his child how to play the game, even from the other side of the fence. Never mind that the kid already knows how to play or has been given specific instructions by the coach.


The Bullhorn


You might want to put in some earplugs if you accidentally sit next to this parent. Whether it is her child on the field or someone else’s, she will cheer for every kid and every play at top volume.


The Gossip


Gossiping about players, coaches and other parents is a group effort, and The Gossip is happy to get the ball rolling. After The Gossip is done talking with you, he or she will find another audience, and this time, you and your kid will be the subject of the whispers.


The Blame-Gamer


Who is responsible for anything that goes wrong during the sporting event? Anyone but The Blame-Gamer’s kid. Mishaps are caused by the coach, the referee, the other team, but not The Blamer’s child.


The Socializers


The Socializers are the group of parents way in the outfield or on the distant corner of the soccer pitch. They seem to be facing the action, but it is pretty clear they are there to chat – and maybe drink – instead of engaging in the action.


The Super Supporter


This is the overly supportive parent to praised everything his or her child does in the contest, even if it is poor performance. The kid would probably be happier if the parent would just stay quiet, rather than draw attention to his or her struggles.


The Nit-Picker


This parent has an eagle eye trained on his child every second and constantly correct everything the kid does. “Stop picking grass,” “Don’t throw it that way” or “Pay attention” are things you might hear the nit-picker say.


The Umpire-Basher


We’ve all heard this parent. He or she slings a trail of verbal abuse on the umpires and referees, no matter what calls they make.


The Mean Guy


This dad says mean things about his child’s performance throughout the entire event. You’ve got to feel sorry for the poor kid, who must get this all the time.


The Jerkface


There is always that one guy who is just an all-around sarcastic jerk. It gets worse if he riles up other parents. Steer clear. You’ll be uncomfortable if you spend too much time around The Jerkface, and you may be tempted to hit him.


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